Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing the G - Score: Efficiency Scores of Old vs New Stars

The G-Score is an original, recently-unveiled player rating system based off efficiency that takes away many of the biases present today in player analysis. Like the PER by John Hollinger, it is meant to be a true efficiency indicator, however the G-Score is obviously significantly different.  Below I have run G-Scores on many of the most prominent players of the past and present. Their yearly scores show how their careers progressed. The formula used to determine the G-Score is comparable for any position, which helps shed some light on arguments of basketball greatness. Paired with immeasurable and intangible qualities it helps to form a better picture of how great a player truly was.  So enjoy and if you have any suggestions of comparisons to run or want to get the G-Score of your favorite player let us know!

G-Score Explanations:

60+   = MVP type year
55 - 60 = All Star Year
50 - 55 = Starting 5 Quality
40 - 50 = Solid Year
30 - 40 = Bench Warmer
0  - 20  = Is this the WNBA?

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